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Finding Nemo


This term we are watching Finding Nemo for film studies. Finding Nemo is about a clownfish trying to find his son. It is set in the Great Barrier Reef. Marlin the father, is very protective of his son. His wife, Coral had been eaten at the drop off so when Nemo goes on a field trip to the drop off, Marlin is alarmed. Nemo then gets taken by divers.

Marlin tries to find the boat but he loses the trail. He then meets another fish called Dory who has short term memory loss. They set off to find Nemo and meet a shark called Bruce that is giving up fish. Marlin spots the divers mask and he and Dory fight over the mask. Dory gets a blood noise and Bruce starts chasing them. Then the bombs go off.

The visuals in the movie are very bright. The colour of the reefs is very fluorescent but in the sunken ship it is darker. The audio in the movie states surprise, anger, joy and sorrow. There are sound affects such as water swishing when Marlin got mad and a ominous music effect when they met Bruce. The audio and visuals are essential to a movie to set the theme.

60 second video about Sinkholes




Sophie Masson



This is an interview with Sophie Masson that we made on our iPads.

100 words challenge


But it was far too hot….

Sun beating down on the desert
Scorching the red sand dunes
Lakes now a dry bed of dirt
Stranded there for many moons

Cold night and hot days
Makes living there rough
Sheltering from the hot sun rays
Learning to be tough

Water deep beneath the sand
Under the parched rock
Water is scarce on this land
Only the lone cry of the hawk

Animals toughened for survival
Learning the ways
Each one of them a rival
Staying under the suns haze

Living in the desert is hard
But not impossible
Essential resources are barred
Better to live tropical

The Fault in our stars


Can’t wait to watch this movie!image

Tanka Poem



A soft gentle breeze

Waves lapping against the shore

Water nice and cool

Fish shimmering in the waves

A nice peaceful day




The pic that I created with the app this is sand.



Fandoms are books, Movies and other things that you really like.  I really like Hunger Games, Divergent, the book Uglies and geek girl.

Write a comment about what you are a fan of!

Once by Morris Gleitzman


Once by Morris Gleitzman Response


I thought Morris Gleitzman used a lot of humour in the book so the book wasn’t too serious and could make you laugh. That book reminded my of the book Oliver Twist because of the orphanage except their orphanage wasn’t that cruel. I also wonder why he would worship Adolf Hitler if he was Jewish because Adolf Hitler killed a lot of Jews?

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